Solvon AER

- A stabilized , high purity, low moisture n-propyl bromide blend, especially formulated as a solvent for use as an aerosol cleaner and an adhesion promoter.

Technical Data


SI (Metric) English
Boiling Point 70ºC 158ºF
Specific Gravity, 25ºC 1.33 (gm/ml) 83.1 (Lb/ft3)
Viscosity, 25ºC, cps 0.49  
S. Tension, dynes/cm, 20ºC 25.9  
Vapor Pressure, 20ºC 110.8 (mmHg) 2.14 (psia)
Specific Heat, 25ºC 0.27 cal/gm (ºC) 0.27 BTU/Lb. (ºF)
Latent Heat, 58.8 cal/gm 105.83 BTU/Lb.
Solubility in Water, w% 0.24  
Flash Point, TCC None  
Flammability limits, v% 4-7.8  
Kauri Butanol Value 125  
Life Span in air 2 weeks  
ODP 0.016-0.018  

Solvon® is not a reportable chemical under SARA 313.

Solvon® is not regulated as a hazardous waste under RCRA.
Solvon® is not regulated as hazardous air pollutant under NESHAP.
Solvon® is still considered as VOC and must be used according the regulations.
Refer to the individual Solvon solvents Material Safety Data Sheet.

Solvon solvents are meant for industrial use only. Like all solvents, they should be used by individuals whom are made thoroughly familiar with the solvent's properties, safe-handling procedures and with adequate and proper engineering controls, to minimize workers' exposure.

Solvon® AER and PBA are available in 565 Lb. drums.
Bulk shipments and smaller size packaging available upon request.
  • The product should be stored in the original containers in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

  • Do not expose to temperatures higher than 120ºF.

  • Before using any Solvon solvents please read the entire material safety data sheet.

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